(co-writer, Dreamworks/Universal 2000) directed by RIDLEY SCOTT, starring RUSSELL CROWE
Academy Award nomination for best screenplay 2000

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  1. Daniel M. Constancio Jr. Says:

    I’ve always been a fan of good writing. Your great screenplay for Gladiator is the best impression of following a professional screenplay writer’s technique.
    Right off, the first pages of Gladiator instantly told me that I was reading an excellent script.
    I use Gladiator as an example for everyone I talk to, about writing screenplays, to explain how to write the best from the best.
    I do my earnest to influence vocabulary as the main objective to envelop and create a masterful, productive screenplay.
    This is why I use Gladiator as the best incentive for teaching other novice screenplay writers.

    I just finished revisions to a screenplay with collaborations under Mr. Christopher J. Knight under Amazon Studios.
    His screenplay “1066.”

    I never knew that “1066” was the ultimate writing experience for anyone to tackle.

    But, I did it and now it’s completed with Amazon Studios’ options for both C.J. & I.

    I love this screenplay and I did some research on the screenplay later finding out that this screenplay is the ultimate composition for any professional screenplay writer.

    I’m glad to be in company, understanding that you were offered a chance to pen “1066.”

    This screenplay has gone through so many years of perfection.

    Some were offered options, but never saw the light of production day.

    Amazon Studios has our collaborative “1066” and we’re looking at a prosperous future with our revised super action, adventurous, and ultimate “1066.”

    Hope to see/read you soon,

    Daniel M. Constancio Jr.

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