Noman (Noble Warriors)

In a fortress-monastery on an island live the legendary warriors of the Nomana. The age of the Noble Warriors is over. But questions about the Nomana remain unanswered. Seeker, Morning Star and the Wildman’s journeys will lead them to question all their loyalties and those they thought they loved. Seeker is relentless in his mission to find out who the assassin is. Morning Star is engulfed by a dark force that threatens her life. And the Wildman is betrayed by someone he thought was a true friend.

The three are about to discover the secret behind the Nomana. But not before they realise their enemies are closer than they think…

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3 Responses to “Noman”

  1. Jessica Lee Johnson Says:

    Hello Mr. Nicholson…I’m one of those people that likes to read half a book sometimes before I learn enough to read the other half. I have a few questions In the Seeker series are you alluding to the Nazi conspiracy known as the Vril (I’m not a Nazi, but I was wondering) and the other question is in the second book in the Windsinger trilogy (of which I have only read half) are you showing us what Stockholm syndrome really is? I have other questions but am being rushed off.

  2. Bill Says:

    I don’t know about the Vril conspiracy at all. Sounds intriguing. And ‘Slaves of the Mastery’, the second book in my ‘Wind on Fire’ trilogy, isn’t really showing the workings of Stockholm syndrome, I think. It’s more an exploration of the irony that an authoritarian society can generate great beauty; among other things.

  3. David Ravel Says:

    Hi there, I very much enjoyed these books and have hard copies but I wanted to get copies for my Kindle as I would like to have a more portable version. It seems that only seeker is available – is there a reason for this and is there any plan for them to be released in electronic format?

    Many thanks


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