HOPE GAP first public screening

Last night we screened HOPE GAP for cast and crew and a large gathering of my family and friends, about a hundred in all. It’s always hard to judge when an audience is so pre-selected to approve, but for me at least the screening was hugely encouraging. The film felt powerful, and visibly affected many. I’m beginning to get used to each viewer responding personally, as if the story is about them. My pride in the film remains intact, for now at least.

The UK and US distributors, Curzon and Roadside Attraction, seem to be settling on next spring for the release. This is a long way off, and hard for me, but they’re the experts on when we’ll have the best chance of getting noticed. Meanwhile we now begin submitting the film to the many festivals.

And I’m on the hunt for the right subject for the next film that I’ll write and direct…