“I hate school! I hate ratings! I won’t reach higher! I won’t strive harder! I won’t make tomorrow better than today!” In the walled city of Aramanth, exams are everything — not only for children, but for whole families. When Kestrel Hath dares to rebel, the Chief Examiner humiliates her father and sentences the family to the harshest punishment. Desperate to save them, Kestrel discovers that life in Aramanth was once different — and if she can find the secret of the Wind Singer, maybe life can change for the better once more. So she and her twin brother, Bowman, Read More

The city of Aramanth has become a kinder place, but in becoming kinder it has also become weaker, making it the perfect target for the ruthless soldiers of the Mastery. After a swift and brutal battle that leaves the city burned and the Manth people destined for slavery, Kestrel finds herself alone, angry and bitterly sworn to wreak her own revenge. But first she must find her beloved brother Bowman, and he in turn must find a way of understanding the secrets of the mysterious Singer people. Only then can the pair begin to strike out against the Mastery and Read More

The story picks up with the flight of the Hath family, and their crew of other willing Manth families and friends, away from the ruined Mastery. After the defeat of the Master, alone and displaced, they seek a new homeland but have no real destination and very little food. Ira Hath leads the way, prophesising their eventual success but also her own, sad demise. Bowman and Kestrel Hath, brother and sister, carry burdens of their own. Bowman, in particular, is anxious. He awaits a summons from the Sirene, and must make a great sacrifice for his people. The journey is Read More

On the rocky island of Anacrea, in a garden at the heart of the great castle-monastery called the Nom, lives the All and Only, the god who made all things, protected by an elite band of fighter monks. These are the Nomana, also known as the Noble Warriors. Seeker, who lives on Anacrea, has just turned sixteen, old enough to follow his brother Blaze into the ranks of the Nomana. The only problem is, his father wants him to be a teacher like himself. Far away, in the foothills of the mountains, Morning Star, also just sixteen, is trying to Read More

Seeker, Morning Star and the Wildman are reunited in this mesmerising second volume of The Noble Warriors trilogy. Having finally gained entry into the Nomana, the friends discover that the mysterious warrior sect is not quite what it appears from the outside. In different ways, for different reasons, they leave to find their own destinies in the world. But now at least they have acquired the remarkable physical skills of the Nomana – and they’re going to need them: the mighty warlord of the Orlan nation is gathering his forces, and has vowed to destroy Anacrea and all who come Read More

In a fortress-monastery on an island live the legendary warriors of the Nomana. The age of the Noble Warriors is over. But questions about the Nomana remain unanswered. Seeker, Morning Star and the Wildman’s journeys will lead them to question all their loyalties and those they thought they loved. Seeker is relentless in his mission to find out who the assassin is. Morning Star is engulfed by a dark force that threatens her life. And the Wildman is betrayed by someone he thought was a true friend. The three are about to discover the secret behind the Nomana. But not Read More