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Posted by Francesca Granata

October 5th 2015

Hello William, I'm italian and I'm writing a bachelor thesis about you and your works.I need your help: if you had to choose just one book, one film, and one play among those that you have written, what would they be? and why? Maybe the 3 that are more connected with your personal experience..

William Nicholson responded:

Very hard to choose. For my book I'd like to offer The Wind Singer, The Society of Others, and The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life, all very different, but all in their own ways full of me. If I must choose one I guess I'd choose the third, because it reflects my strongly held belief that everyone is good even when they're doing bad things. One film: I should say Shadowlands, but I'm going to say Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, which I think is more important to the world. I'm very proud of this film, and I want it to stand as both a testament to Mandela and a concise explanation of just what it was he did that changed all the rules about oppressed people and their oppressors. One play: The Retreat from Moscow, which I'm now planning to make into a film, directed by myself. It's a fictionalised version of my parents and myself, at the time of my parents' marriage breakup. It's also my attempt to say many things about love and loss.

Posted by Christel Hein

September 25th 2015

Dear William Nicolson, I was born 1952 in east-germany (cold DDR) and I have studied in Berlin many years ago. My family and our friends all have studied in an University, are all democrates, deligent and stayd here in the east and we hoped it will be bether in further times for our children. Yesterday night I have seen the lat rest of the film "The March" and I could'nt sleep the whole night. I was very deep impressed and I think, that it's very important te present this film in the europaen tv and especially in the german tv BY DAY !! Now it's reallity. East-germany is not at all rich, there are a lot of Problems and the average of the People in the east always "hold them over water". They are over-depts, they have existence fear and are depressed ill, because of the corruption and the law pay - they get offers of a pay for the half smallest pay. This is the reallity, but now one does interest this and such a lot of other problems. The result today after 25 years in Germany is: Germany does not stand together, the government does not stand to his own People, the east is an edorado for the west, the east has no voice - the german unity is not real !!! The german unit is only a show for the world. The gouvernment does not sugsessful finshed the biggest problems in the last 25 years ! We ca'nt be pride of this. The Kanzlerin has said on here oath of office, that she will protect the country of demages - but she never do so! Today I must always think of Goethes " Germany - a winter fairy-tale" - do you know this !? Please, please, dear William Nicolson help that the film "The march" will present in the eavening-programm of german tv, so that every people can see it. And please use your connections for this. Sincerly Ch. Hein

William Nicholson responded:

I wish I could control tv policy in Germany, or even in the UK, but alas I can't. I'm just grateful that somehow you've been able to see this 25-year-old film, and that it meant something to you. What you tell me about the situation in East Germany is very interesting. I don't think we know very much about it over here. Thanks to you I'll look a little more closely at reports from East Germany in future.

Posted by Francisca Raquel

September 22nd 2015

Olá, tudo bem ? Recentemente li Rich & Mad, e me apaixonei por estes dois jovens, são puros e apesar da inocência são extremamente confiantes e dispostos a viver, sentir o melhor que vida os proporciona. Enquanto eu lia, me perguntava qual foi sua inspiração para criar Rich e Mad, e como surgiu a ideia de fazer uma história para eles. Gostaria muito de saber - se foi possível responder -se eles ( Rich e Mad ) continuaram a se amarem. tenho uma curiosidade imensa em saber se o romance deles durou anos e anos, se eles se casaram e tiveram filhos, sei que essa curiosidade é estranha, mas eu gostei tanto deles que quando o livro terminou eu fiquei imensamente triste por não saber o que aconteceu depois. Então, poderia me dizer se eles ficaram bem e juntos ? Tenho que parabenizá-lo por ter feito uma história simples, linda, e intensa.

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really happy that you like my characters in Rich and Mad. You ask why I wrote about them. I wanted to tell in a story something of the reality of love and sex among young people, to counter the picture offered by pornography today. You ask if they lived happily ever after together. I don't know the answer, because I only imagined their lives when they were young. You can answer as well as me. If you feel they have the qualities necessary to make a good marriage, then I'm sure they did.

Posted by Judy Armson

September 22nd 2015

I missed your film in Seaford last week and you were there. I would liked to have met you as your sister phoned me out of the blue a few years ago. I believe as a child you stayed either at my aunts house...aunty Ethel in Maurice Road or my mothers house Betty Hill. Dijenju, I know your Sue and Bill names but that's the only recognition. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Judy, nee Hill

William Nicholson responded:

Yes, both my sister Lou and I lived with your Aunt Ethel in Maurice Road while our parents were in Nigeria. This would have been 1955 or so. I remember our months there with great fondness, though not much detail. 'Aunty', as we knew her, was a dear and loving guardian to us, and to the rest of the little band of children of parents abroad that she cared for. I guess no parent today would leave their children as we were left, but back then, with the Empire still just about alive, it was quite common. Certainly we never questioned it. But then, Aunty was like a second mother to us.

Posted by Lorraine Howe

September 19th 2015

Would you consider reading a non-fiction book by Gys Van Beek called "To Never Forget"? I recently met this author who is in his mid 90's who would love his story to be made into a movie so we never forget the WW11 heroes. He is an amazing man with an amazing story. He resides in Eagle, Idaho. Thank you

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really sorry, but I can't. It's true I do a lot of work of this kind, but it's always brought to me by a production company or studio, who are already committed to the project (and are therefore able to pay a writer). The work I do without any certainty of production is always my own story telling.

Posted by Juergen Holert

September 14th 2015

Where or how can I get the novel/filmscript of "The March" and is the film available on DVD?

William Nicholson responded:

There's no DVD, I'm afraid. The project was a joint production of many European broadcasters back in 1990, and the rights are very hard to disentangle. A German broadcaster has re-shown the film recently, but I'm not sure how they managed it. All very frustrating.