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Posted by William Johnston

June 23rd 2015

Dear William Nicholson, I am a huge fan of your novel "The Wind Singer". I am absolutely fascinated by the world that you have created. In fact, you inspired me to begin writing myself - I have just written a play that is being performed in the National Theatre, London! I really believe that this book would make a brilliant film! I am an aspiring actor, and I would just like to ask, if this book was ever made into a film, would you give me the privilege of auditioning for Bowman Hath? I am 16 years old and live in London. Thank you very much for your time, William. Yours sincerely, William Johnston

William Nicholson responded:

I'm tremendously impressed that you've written a play for the National. Congratulations. A thrilling career lies ahead of you. As for a film of The Wind Singer, I too would love it to happen, but there's no sign of it at present. Maybe one day...

Posted by Jenny

June 17th 2015

I listened to your talk at the cathedral on Monday evening and enjoyed it. Thank you. I didn't have chance to ask a question before the event ended. You talked about God, love (sex) and death being themes that run through your work and that you don't believe in a religion now or God. Do you feel that the above are one and the same thing really and elements of a soul or energy running through everything or are they all separate elements and only part of this human existence? Secondly, you spoke of Truth and particularly it showed itself in Emily Dickinson's poems. Do you see an eternal Truth underlying everything or are you referring to theTruth that is different for us all according to our experiences?

William Nicholson responded:

Big questions. The simple answer is, I don't 'believe' anything - God, soul, energy, anything. I am alive, and surrounded by life, and do my best to see clearly and not to deceive myself. This reality must be the same for everyone as for me, but of course we have so many powerful motives for deceiving ourselves that we do understand it differently. An eternal truth underlying everything? No - just: what is. It's not eternal, everything passes. There's no hidden meaning (or so it seems to me). If this is the case, how can we endure the injustice of daily life and the arbitrary nature of death? The answer is, we have no choice. So my aim is to learn to accept reality, to reduce as much as I can the neurotic fears that make life stressful and unhappy, and to maximise the joy to be found. For me this is a process of knowing myself and others more deeply. This is love. The rewards are immense, paradise is all round us, but it's going to end. So there you are. Try me in a year or so's time and no doubt I'll say something different.

Posted by Suzanne

June 15th 2015

Hi William, I was the one that recommended those two books tonight at Chichester..I had to leave before the film because work was calling me, so I apologise. I found your talk very entertaining. Anyway, Timothy Findley (was) a writer's writer and his two books of historical fictionwere, "The Wars" and "Famous Last Words." They are very good books for smart people. Cheers :)

William Nicholson responded:

Glad to have the recommendation.

Posted by John Smallcombe

June 13th 2015

Dear Mr Nicholson - I once read a wonderful screenplay which I believe was written by you. I believe that the title is "Liberated"; and is set in Argentina during the time of the Junta. Am I correct; and if so, whom might I contact regarding the potential of acquiring an option on the work? Thanks & best, John Smallcombe

William Nicholson responded:

You're right. It used to be called Libertad, and is now going under the title of The World at Night. A producer currently has it, and is attempting to put together a director and finance, which means that until/unless she fails, I can't offer the option elsewhere, I'm afraid.

Posted by Nyasha Gudo

June 7th 2015

Is there anyway I could get a copy of the "Sweet as you are" script? As part of my director's programme I have to direct a play of my choice. I thought that would translate well into a play.

William Nicholson responded:

I have a copy, on an old version of Word, but I think the copyright is with the BBC. I'm not clear what your programme is. If it were ever to turn into a play, I think I'd want to do the stage version myself.

Posted by Bob Sears

June 6th 2015

I don't have a question except to wonder how you could write such an insightful, stirring and sensitive play as Shadowlands. I saw it perhaps 20 years ago and just read it in book form. It makes me want to love my wife better, to cherish my moments with her while life is easy. It resonates with my small experience of pain and loss. And it makes me more determined to trust my God. Precious gifts, those are. Thank you.

William Nicholson responded:

I appreciate your kind words very much. And of course, so much is owed by both of us to C.S.Lewis, in his life and in his works.