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Posted by nick de grunwald

September 6th 2012

It's not really a question, but I hope I can get this through to you... I've now just finished the second of the trilogy (All The Hopeful Lovers) and I'm enjoying it so much that I have had to allow myself a maximum of one chapter at a time. I can't bear the thought of not having these books to read, and I know I only have one more to read. So I have a couple of days... The only other time I did this was when I first read "Catch 22" long long ago, I think I was in my teens. What a world you have created. I've never actually read another book where I love all the characters, even the ones we meet briefly. You have created characters I can completely identify with, and in many cases the accompanying thoughtful ruminations about life, philosophy and the world around these people is absolutely joyful to read. I hope from the bottom of my heart that there will be more in the series, if that is what you want to do. As a film-maker myself (I make films about music) I would love to see it adapted for the screen, I can't quite work out if it's for the movie screen or TV. TV today seems in general to be so trivialising these days, but very occasionally there are exceptions to my generalisation, as with John Hopkins' Quartet Talking To A Stranger way back in 70s, or quite recently the UK series "State of Play', and I'd probably include some of the HBO series, although I can't think of one I've enjoyed as much as these books. I don't know why I'm rambling on as if I know you, I've never done anything like this before, but I guess I just had to communicate to you how much I am enjoying your Trilogy. Best regards Nick

William Nicholson responded:

Your rambling makes me very happy. Thank you for that. Yes, there will be more - the next book, MOTHERLAND, comes out in February, and shifts back into the past (the main story is set in the 1940s) - though it still connects with the characters of the first three books, and takes place partly in Edenfield. And I'm even now writing the next one. So all I hope is that the work continues to satisfy readers such as yourself. As for film or TV, no one has shown any inclination to try to make me an offer, and I don't see much prospect. My stories are too multi-stranded for a film, and judging by what I see on TV, simply too undramatic for TV. Of course I believe, as I think you do, that this very lack of dramatic action (murders, police, spies, etc) is what I cherish - my intention is to explore another kind of drama, perpetually burning away in the minds and hearts of all of us as we go about our daily lives. On which thought, all the best with your own creations...

Posted by Jenny McCarthey

September 5th 2012

If I wanted to send you a letter (instead of filling up a huge amount of space here), what address should I send it to? Or do you prefer not to receive letters at all?

William Nicholson responded:

I don't give out my home address on this public site, so best to send a letter to me via one of my agents - they're all listed on the Agents page of this site. I'm good at responding to questions on the website, but deplorably slow at writing back to people who write to me, so be forgiving.

Posted by Caleb Lee

September 3rd 2012

I'm very excited to see Les Miserables, which you wrote the screenplay for. Four questions :) 1. Did you read the book a lot before writing the script? 2.Did you add any new surprises that aren't in the book? 3. Did you keep the faith-based themes in the screenplay? 4. Was it harder writing a screenplay for such a well-known novel and play?

William Nicholson responded:

Yes, I read the book, but the film version is very closely based on the stage show, so that's the main source. My work has been more as a midwife, to help the creation of Boublil and Schonberg onto the screen.

Posted by Amit Desai

September 3rd 2012

Hi William, I am a independent writer based in India, I am currently working on a feature length screenplay on a epic drama. I have a good subject which will appeal global audience and at the same time it will pique production houses not only in US but in European and Eastern countries for whom the story directly connects with their own history. Having done all my research work and a draft of the screenplay, I am looking forward to collaborate with an experience writer of your calibre to take this script on next level. Let me know if you would be interested to read my screenplay. Thanks & Regards, Amit Desai

William Nicholson responded:

I'm sorry, but I don't write in collaboration, I prefer to work on my own projects. Best of luck with yours.

Posted by Barley

September 2nd 2012

I have just re-read the Wind on Fire trilogy and been deeply moved once again - I was wondering - were you at all influenced by Buddhist philosophy when writing it as many of the concepts seem to reflect these ideas?

William Nicholson responded:

I think the answer is yes, though not consciously. I have absorbed a certain amount of Buddhist philosophy indirectly, and been greatly influenced; but I can't claim to be any kind of expert.

Posted by Sally Anne Holt

September 1st 2012

Hi William, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful writing. I have just read The Golden Hour and was utterly charmed. Though I think you could have given Roddy a better ride! I have not come across your work before, it's wonderful. I was especially interested in your incredibly accurate description of Worth Abbey (where my boys went to school) acutely observed. My very best wishes to you. Sally

William Nicholson responded:

Roddy will live on, I'm sure. Have you read the two books that precede The Golden Hour? You can find many of the same characters at earlier ages, in The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life and its sequel All the Hopeful Lovers. And from February, when my new book comes out - Motherland - you can even find out what their forebears were doing in the Second World War. Sorry to drop so much stuff on you, but I do so want people to realise I'm slowly building a whole world here...