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Posted by neemat

September 25th 2012

hi william...i'm ashamed to say i've never read any one of your books but i read a chapter sampler of rich and mad ..I LOVED IT!! and i've been trying to find a free copy of it that i can download or save easily since i live in lebanon and idk i just couldn't find the book soo i'm wondering if you know any website i can download it for free or read the full book online??

William Nicholson responded:

I don't think you'll find a free copy to download, but you should be able to buy the ebook on Amazon. I'm very happy that you loved what you've read so far, that warms my heart - but don't you think books deserve to be paid for? That's what keeps us writers alive.

Posted by Amit Desai

September 25th 2012

Hi William, I am writer based in India and have completed working on a feature length screenplay (epic drama). I was wondering if you have some time to read my script and give me some notes. Your feedback will be greatly valuable for me at this point. Thanks & Regards, Amit Desai

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really sorry, but what you need is an agent or a producer, whose job it is to assess and work on writer's drafts. I'm a writer like you. I give my creative time to my own work, and the rest of my time to my family. You're quite right that feedback is valuable - essential, in fact - but you need to find someone who is either a friend and gives the time out of friendship, or a potential business partner, a producer or director, who might go further with you on the project. Best of luck with it.

Posted by Dorrie

September 23rd 2012

I just saw your play,"The French Retreat from Moscow" at the Town Players of Newtown (Connecticut, USA). It was wonderful . I really wonder if you were present in my house while my 41 year marriage was falling apart. The dialog mimicked so much of what my ex=husband and I said to each other. He, like the character, Edward, has moved on and married shortly after the divorce. Hopefully I have not involved my adult children as much as in your play but I know they have gone through many of the sentiments expressed by Jamie. I saw the production with another divorced woman who also could empathize. Excecelent!!

William Nicholson responded:

Must have been a good production - it's really important to get the balance between the husband and wife right, so that it doesn't turn into a sympathy slaughter. I hope they kept my last line - 'Forgive me for being your child' - which I could never get anyone to understand. Marriage breakdown is a game that all can play. Thanks for your kind words.

Posted by Jonty Michael

September 20th 2012

Hi, i just wanted to say that the Wind on Fire trilogy are the best books i have ever read and i cant stop thinking about it... my question is: what age did you make Bowman and Kestrel in the first book? Just because if there was a film to be made.... Thanks Jonty

William Nicholson responded:

They're ten years old in the first book, and fifteen in the second and third books. Glad you like them.

Posted by Jackson Wilcox

September 9th 2012

Hi I just read the Wind Singer and was wondering what world Aramanth was based in.Also what do the characters look like

William Nicholson responded:

Aramanth is an imaginary world, made up by me. The characters look the way I tell in the books. If there's any detail I don't give, then you're free to imagine them as you like. Like yourself, perhaps?

Posted by nick de grunwald

September 6th 2012

It's not really a question, but I hope I can get this through to you... I've now just finished the second of the trilogy (All The Hopeful Lovers) and I'm enjoying it so much that I have had to allow myself a maximum of one chapter at a time. I can't bear the thought of not having these books to read, and I know I only have one more to read. So I have a couple of days... The only other time I did this was when I first read "Catch 22" long long ago, I think I was in my teens. What a world you have created. I've never actually read another book where I love all the characters, even the ones we meet briefly. You have created characters I can completely identify with, and in many cases the accompanying thoughtful ruminations about life, philosophy and the world around these people is absolutely joyful to read. I hope from the bottom of my heart that there will be more in the series, if that is what you want to do. As a film-maker myself (I make films about music) I would love to see it adapted for the screen, I can't quite work out if it's for the movie screen or TV. TV today seems in general to be so trivialising these days, but very occasionally there are exceptions to my generalisation, as with John Hopkins' Quartet Talking To A Stranger way back in 70s, or quite recently the UK series "State of Play', and I'd probably include some of the HBO series, although I can't think of one I've enjoyed as much as these books. I don't know why I'm rambling on as if I know you, I've never done anything like this before, but I guess I just had to communicate to you how much I am enjoying your Trilogy. Best regards Nick

William Nicholson responded:

Your rambling makes me very happy. Thank you for that. Yes, there will be more - the next book, MOTHERLAND, comes out in February, and shifts back into the past (the main story is set in the 1940s) - though it still connects with the characters of the first three books, and takes place partly in Edenfield. And I'm even now writing the next one. So all I hope is that the work continues to satisfy readers such as yourself. As for film or TV, no one has shown any inclination to try to make me an offer, and I don't see much prospect. My stories are too multi-stranded for a film, and judging by what I see on TV, simply too undramatic for TV. Of course I believe, as I think you do, that this very lack of dramatic action (murders, police, spies, etc) is what I cherish - my intention is to explore another kind of drama, perpetually burning away in the minds and hearts of all of us as we go about our daily lives. On which thought, all the best with your own creations...