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Posted by Philip Todd

February 21st 2013

Dear William, I have just watched First Knight and I was so blown away by the writing I simply had to seek you out immediately. Then I discovered you are responsible for Shadowlands, Gladiator and Les Mis and I'm afraid that did it. I am now your biggest fan. Here begins my epic quest to read every word you have written! I am a young Scottish actor and filmmaker, just starting out, and based in London. And in the often disheartening hunt for work you have given me the most powerful gift of all... hope. Hope that it is possible to make films with truth at the heart, that these films don't have to be sub-culture indies, even that one day I might be a collaborator on such a film! Your writing seems to have the same qualities as Tolkien or C.S. Lewis, it is somehow cleansing. I believe you wanted to be a writer from quite a young age, and my question is this: what writers or texts inspired you growing up and who are your favourite authors? Thank you. Phil (22, UK)

William Nicholson responded:

My God, you're really digging deep into my past! But I suppose it's true, despite all the years everything I write comes somehow from the same place. And yes, that place has been in me since I was very young. It's hard to say who inspired me as I grew up, because just about everything I read had an effect on me, from the William books and the Beano to Jane Austen and then George Eliot and then Tolstoy, who is my GEW - Greatest Ever Writer. As that tells you, I have a strong streak of moralism - not wanting to be priggish, but caring a lot about goodness, or the chance of goodness in this hard life. I should add that although I have no belief in God whatsoever, the Bible, the New Testament, has been a great influence. You're right to seek out work based on truth, and work that leads to deeper truth. Nothing else is worth the effort. And if you never get material success, you still get a massive reward, in the acquisition of wisdom. I hesitate to pile more of my endless stuff on you, but you might appreciate a couple of my books. Maybe The Society of Others? It just might click with where you are now.

Posted by Albeiro Pescador

February 18th 2013

Mr. Nicholson. I'm finishing my Literature Degree here in Colombia, where I am from. I want to write a monograph based on your book The Others Society, which is so far, the nicest book of contemporary literature I've read. Our teacher presented us the Spanish version of your book (Edited by Salamandra - 2005), which I own. However, I’d really love to get the English version, since I like English a lot, but that’s quite hard to get here. What would you recommend me to be able to get the English one? Thanks a lot!

William Nicholson responded:

It's in print in both the US and the UK, and available from online booksellers like Amazon. I think they would send a copy to Colombia if you ordered online, but I'm very ignorant of what's possible in your country. If that doesn't work, give me an address and I'll send you a copy.

Posted by Brad

February 16th 2013

Mr. Nicholson, I am the worship pastor at a large church in Charlotte, North Carolina U.S.A. We have an established music ministry and are launching a drama ministry this spring. We have recently completed our new sanctuary and our first production will be Shadowlands and it is scheduled to open in May. Would you consider attending our opening night as our guest?

William Nicholson responded:

You're very kind to ask me, but I think I must decline. I'm just too busy at present to take a few days out. It's a tough play on the main actors, but if they really live their parts I'm sure you'll get a terrific response. The play is as much about facing doubt as it is about love and faith, so it should give your audience plenty to ponder. I wish you a wonderful production.

Posted by Elena Jacobson

February 14th 2013

Will you please come to my school

William Nicholson responded:

Where is your school?

Posted by eileen hacker

February 13th 2013

Hi William, do you remember me? I asked you some time ago, how my son Simon Hacker could find a publisher. Your Mother in Hillesley coached him in English for which I will always be grateful, he went on to Goldsmiths and is now writing freelance motoring and travel. He has reluctantly published the book on Kindle. It is called Polar Nights,would you please skim over a few pages, I would be so grateful for your opinion,although Simon would be cross at my asking you. How is your Mum,she was the same age as mine,who is now 95.How is Polly, I have lost track of her, I made her wedding dress! We are all still here around Hillesley,one of my daughters lives in your old lane. Anyway thanks if you have read this.Sincerely Eileen Hacker.

William Nicholson responded:

Good to hear from you. My mother is still going strong at 96. Teresa (Polly) is a doctor on Exmouth, and has two children. On Simon's book: nowadays publishing on Kindle can lead to great things (as in Fifty Shades of Grey) but of course it's very hard to get noticed. There are just so many new books coming out all the time - mine among them. But I'm afraid I'm not going to be much use. These days I get asked to read books by others quite a lot and I just have to say no, to protect my own time, which would otherwise all vanish. Once you start you have to give an opinion, which means reading carefully and seriously, and unless you respond with a rave it doesn't please anyone; so I've learned to leave it to the professionals, the agents and publishers. I know that's a hard gang to break into - it took me long enough. So I can only wish Simon well from afar.

Posted by Virginia Macgregor

February 13th 2013

Dear William, Just a quick thank you for giving us such an inspiring talk last night. It is refreshing to hear someone talk with such passion and honesty about pursuing the creative life. I hope that 'Motherland' is a huge success. All the best, Virginia

William Nicholson responded:

It was great fun for me too. A very responsive crowd you've got there.