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Posted by Colin

March 19th 2013

Dear Mr. Nicholson, Could you answer these questions for my assignment? 1. How did you become involved in the movie production of 'Les Miserables'? 2. Can you tell me a bit more about 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'? 3. What is your writing routine like? 4. How did you enter the movie business? 5. What are some of your own favourite films/novels? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Colin

William Nicholson responded:

1. The film company Working Title, who I've worked for many times, invited me to join the team on Les Mis. 2. The book is Mandela's autobiography. He gave it to a South African producer, Anant Singh, to turn into a film, and Anant invited me to do the screenplay. It's taken a long time, because it's a very complex story. I started work in 1997! 3. I get up early, about 6.15am, and do all my work in the morning. After lunch I do no writing work at all. Writers need lives, so they have something to write about. 4. I was working for the BBC, and through friends there started writing TV scripts. That led to movies. 5. My favourite film - perhaps Lawrence of Arabia. My favourite novel - War and Peace, by Tolstoy.

Posted by Paul Sheppard

March 13th 2013

William, just thank you for Motherland. I'm so glad L and K made a life together and you didn't dare separate them. I could bet you've been wondering about the life of Tony Armitage (of course we know about his death). Am I right?I had thought to ask you regarding your research on Fyffes, but then I reached 'Author's note.' You put a lot of yourself into the Sussex books do you not? I feel, as Larry, you are 'a good man.' My humble congratulations.

William Nicholson responded:

You've spotted my secret. Of course I struggle, and mostly fail, to be a 'good man'. So I put all my longings into the minds and mouths of my characters - plus a lot of other thoughts and experiences I've had. Glad you liked the book. The next one, RECKLESS, coming in a year, picks up little Pamela at the age of 18...

Posted by Nasihah

March 12th 2013

When you write where do you get this ides from? I don't actually aim to be writer but I always love to write about my own fantasy world like 'The Noble Warriors'. I find this book very interesting and thrilling. I like to escape reality and enter my own fantasy world

William Nicholson responded:

I suppose my ideas come from my ordinary life, but put together in unusual ways. Escaping reality is really entering a reconstructed reality, isn't it? Maybe you should have a go at writing about the places you escape to - it's really good fun.

Posted by Misbah

March 6th 2013

when was the wind singer written and what inspired you to write it, where there certain events that happened at the time that helped you think up the plot of this story? Also the wind singer is amazing so far!

William Nicholson responded:

I wrote The Wind Singer in the late 1990s when my children were going through school and I was angry at the way their teaching was all focussed on passing exams. Of course once I started writing it turned into something more...

Posted by Carlton Nelson

March 3rd 2013

Mr Nicholson, this isn't a question just a comment about a film you directed in 1997. Firelight. I wanted to say that this is one of the finest films I've ever seen and I also want to thank you for it because it has because an inspiration to me. Because of this film I've decided to devote myself to my passion and that's filmmaking. I only hope my work comes close to your Firelight masterpiece. Thanks again.

William Nicholson responded:

Thank you in return. As you may know, my film failed on its release, and is very rarely seen, so you give me special pleasure. As for your own film making, may you start with a bang and go all the way. Nowadays the technology is so cheap that anyone can make a film. Write it and direct it yourself. Take every risk in the world. Right now you're at your freshest, and have a chance of doing something distinctive; which is what you need to do to get noticed. Good luck.

Posted by Savannah Freemantle

March 3rd 2013

Hi William, Unfortunately this is not a question, but it had to be sent because I absolutely love your writing. I grew up reading your fantasy books and I, more recently, read your novel Rich and Mad. I can't actually describe just how fantastic the experience of reading your books has been for me. You create worlds to which I have become emotionally attatched in ways I never have with other books. I too have dreamed of being a writer from the age of about five, but above and beyond that I have dreamed of reading good books; your books have fulfilled that role in a unique way. For that I must thank you. Kind Regards, Savannah Freemantle (16) South Africa

William Nicholson responded:

I hope you are writing yourself - I'm sure you are. If so, please be patient as far as getting recognition goes, and use the writing as something more than a road to glory: it's a course of wisdom, and will enrich your life more with every year that passes. Writing makes the highs more intense and the lows more bearable. So you're set on a thrilling course. In time maybe take a look at my books for adults...