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Posted by Emily

November 5th 2012

Can my fiancee and I use your manth betrothal vow in our wedding vows?

William Nicholson responded:

Yes - with all my best wishes for your marriage.

Posted by Adrian Burke

October 16th 2012

Do any of your close friends and family have legal gagging orders to prevent them turning up thinly-disguised in your novels? And I'm not talking fantasy genre novels here!

William Nicholson responded:

I suppose it must look as if I've raided all my friends and family for my characters, but actually it's not so. I 'borrow' people's jobs - that is, I get them to tell me about their work life in detail - with their permission, of course, in order to flesh out that side of the character. But the characters themselves are mostly bits of me - women included - and bits of others, in a new amalgam. There's no one at all lifted straight from life. This isn't so much because I'm fearful of giving offence, it's because characters in books are needed to act in certain ways, they have to be my creatures, I suppose, so real people just aren't malleable enough.

Posted by Erin

October 14th 2012

Hi! I have read your Wind on Fire trilogy many times and I love it! I was wondering, though: Do you just sit down and write your books straight through? Do you make outlines and/or character profiles? Do you write different scenes as they come to you, then piece them together later? Some combination? What is your process?

William Nicholson responded:

I do make outlines, and character profiles. Before I start the actual writing I know pretty much where I'm headed. I certainly know the ending. But of course once under way things change, and I welcome that. However, I do keep going. I have a sign on the window sill before my desk that says simply, PUSH ON.

Posted by David

October 11th 2012

Hi William, I think it's amazing you have this QA thing here, shows us you care about us. I'm writing an essay about your 1st book in the Noble Warriors trilogy, Seeker. I'm wondering if there were any messages you intended to convey! Your books get me through my day, I can't thank you enough.

William Nicholson responded:

I don't really mean to convey messages in my books, though it's true that my mind is full of ideas as I write. If you get a chance to read the other two books in the Noble Warriors trilogy you'll find it does all get a lot deeper. I suppose I began the series as an exploration of the idea of God, what we want from it, how we create it...

Posted by lily

October 11th 2012

hi! Is there going to be a film based on 'the wind singer'? i enjoyed the book and would love to have a dvd of it! Thanks! lily

William Nicholson responded:

No plans for any film, I'm afraid.

Posted by christophe

October 3rd 2012

do you like dick?

William Nicholson responded:

I'm not sure which dick you mean, yours or mine. I like mine. Perhaps yours is feeling unloved?