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Posted by Erik Schark

January 4th 2012

Mr. Nicholson, I wrote you a while back inquiring about writing a musical based on your play "Shadowlands". You indicated I should contact your agent regarding the rights. I called Joyce Ketay at Gersh, and she told me to contact Nicki Stoddart at Peters, Fraser & Dunlop. I can't seem to find Ms. Stoddart's contact information, so I decided I'd once again try the direct approach. Do you happen to know which of your agents I should contact? I hope a musical version of "Shadowlands" is still something you might consider and look forward to the opportunity to pitch it to you.

William Nicholson responded:

Contact Norman North at The Agency, address on this site.

Posted by Pavan Athwal

January 3rd 2012

what did inspire you to write the wind on fire series

William Nicholson responded:

It started out because I don't like all this stress over exams - and then it just grew...

Posted by Fred Field

January 3rd 2012

Happy New Year, William - to you and family. (do not think you can answer this question or be permitted to.) Is 1066 being released in 2012 - either by you or by those others? (Played hockey with some old Blues.... contemporaries!)

William Nicholson responded:

No news on the 1066 film - which means nothing happening, I guess.

Posted by Jacqueline Twamley

January 3rd 2012

Dear William I have just finished reading Golden Hour. Again you have written a book I truly understand. Its like its me writing it, everything I have read relates to me, in some form or another. I tried to read you book a few months ago but I wasn't able to, because I need to be in the right frame of mind to read one of your books. So I saved it for my holiday in Berchtesgaden in Germany over Christmas. I was not at all disappointed and always wonder how you make things so clear. When I have finished one of your books it makes me think do we have a connection, but I fear probably that we all think in the same way and you are just the master of putting it on the page. Thank you once again for a most brilliant and moving book. I look forward to the next one, Jacqueline Twamley

William Nicholson responded:

I do like to think that anyone who likes my books has a connection with me, or I with them. It's the glory of writing - that it makes or reveals connections between strangers. We read to know we're not alone.

Posted by Gaj

January 1st 2012

Dear Sir I would first of all like to thank you for giving me such a brilliant connection to characters as a child and providing a completely unique yet honest perception of human nature. The Wind Singer triology was really on another plane and I thank you for composing such an epic journey in every sense of the word. Are there any tips on how you translate what you think into what you write so clearly and beautifully? Thank you for taking the time to read this and a Happy New Year to you! Gaj

William Nicholson responded:

I'm not sure I have any tips, other than the obvious: everything I write comes from the life I lead, and I think that all writers live with a heightened awareness of those round them. You look and listen, you learn, you turn it into stories. Easy, really, except it takes a long time.

Posted by Ian Macilwain

December 31st 2011

I have just finished 'the Golden Hour' ( savoured would be a better description) having felt it necessary to reread the two previous books in the series to 'reorientate' myself ! I am left with a profound debt to your honesty and descriptive powers which are so accurate that your characters have become like actual people in my life whose lives I know from the inside . It is your ability to capture the inner conflict and everyday struggle of very ordinary people which in my eyes marks you out as quite exceptional . In the 'Golden Hour' you extend your range to encompass a confused bitter elderly woman and an opportunist burglar ,but rather than encouraging stereotyping you lead us inside their quiet desperation such that we empathise with them . That is your skill . I actually find your books very consoling because they remind me that my own struggles are not unique to me but are shared( in secret) by most of us - they are part of the human condition . I very much hope you have not exhausted this particular vein and that we can expect a further episode in due course. In the meantime , thank you and my very best wishes for 2012.

William Nicholson responded:

Your response is so exactly the one I hope for that I almost feel I wrote it myself. Thank you. And yes, there's another book coming in the same vein - MOTHERLAND, due out I hope later this year or early 2013.