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Posted by Renske

July 15th 2011

Hi William, Im reading All the Hopeful Lovers at the moment. As a 29 yr old woman from Brighton I find it touches upon most of the big questions im struggling with at the moment. What great insights you offer...and the tip about masters and servants is so simple but so genious, im going to apply it right away in my modelling career ;). Thanks for writing, xRenske

William Nicholson responded:

I so love it when readers tell me what I write makes a connection with their own lives. That's almost what I do it for. I know it's what I read for, when I read fiction. It's all made up, but the hope is it's all also true. Thank you.

Posted by Ali

July 14th 2011

I heard you are writing the script for the upcoming musical adaptation of Les Miserables! I am absurdly excited, as I've loved your writing for a long time - including your plays and films - and Les Miserables is one of my all-time favorite stories. Just was curious how you become attached to the project and what you're looking forward to most about adapting it.

William Nicholson responded:

I am doing the screenplay for the film version of the musical, yes. It will still be the musical its fans, and I, love - but even better, we hope. The film company involved is Working Title, who know me well, and asked me to do the job. What am I looking forward to? Clarifying and enhancing the motivations of the main characters, making the plot work more simply and powerfully, and creating a result that equals or surpasses the impact of the stage show without anyone really noticing that anything has been changed.

Posted by Ali Stevens

July 9th 2011

Without giving too much away I have an amazing life story todate! It has included over 50years of lies, deceit, death and reunion and in the last few weeks I have been able to tie up all the outstanding strands. I keep being told "You must write a book!!" and latery "what about a film?" I only live in Lewes and was wondering if I could possibly come and see you to discuss this? If you'd like to e-mail me I can give you my contact details, I'd be delighted to drive to you or meet up in Lewes maybe? I look forward to your reply with eager anticipation!!

William Nicholson responded:

I'm sure your friends are right, and you should write a book. But I'm afraid I'm no use to you: My books all come from my own invention; my film work I do when a film company approaches me and I think it looks like it has a chance of being made; and right now I'm fully booked up. But why not write it yourself? Yours would be the true voice.

Posted by David

July 8th 2011

In one of your books I think Jango you used the line your buttocks are the pillows of my dreams? I gave my copy to a friend but was that the book it was in?

William Nicholson responded:

I know I wrote it, but the awful truth is I can't remember in which book. My guess is it was one of the Wind on Fire books; but you may be right. If anyone out there can remember my books better than I can myself, please help.

Posted by Grahame Smith

July 8th 2011

I saw Firelight many years ago in the cinema and it continues to haunt my memory, refreshed by my video copy. Is there any chance that it could appear on DVD or, even better, Blu-ray?

William Nicholson responded:

There are DVDs about, but I'm not sure how. Via Amazon? Sadly it's not mine to control, or I'd issue copies to all who ask. I don't even have a DVD myself. I fear Blu-Ray is a hope too far.

Posted by sonja

June 27th 2011

no question, just want to let you know I have only now 'discovered' you and found The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life beautiful, not since Douglas Kennedy have I found someone who is so clear on human emotion. Thank you sincerely and never stop writing - please.

William Nicholson responded:

I appreciate your comment very deeply - these books of mine are the best I have to give, and it makes a great difference to know they're being received. There's a second, 'All the Hopeful Lovers', now in paperback, and a third coming soon, 'The Golden Hour'. Meanwhile I'm busy on the fourth. I don't expect you to read them all, but your kind words give me the power to keep on.