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Posted by Trevor Williamson

May 1st 2011

Can we expect any more Edenfield novels? I thought both "The Intensity..." & "All the Hopeful..." were the best contemporary English novels for a long time. You had things to say that required to be said in both books. Best wishes & here's hoping for more.

William Nicholson responded:

A third novel in the sequence is now with my publisher, and comes out this October. It's called 'The Golden Hour'. I'm quietly engaged on quite an ambitious project here, to map the fears and dreams of one corner of our world. I really appreciate your good words, and hope you think the new book lives up to the other two.

Posted by Anne-Marie

April 30th 2011

Dear Mr W Nicholson, I hope that you have not been asked this question before.How long did it take for you to write the theatre play Shadowlands? Thank you for your time.

William Nicholson responded:

I can't rightly remember, but based on my usual working time, and given that I'd already written it as a TV play, I'd guess three months.

Posted by Jerôme Andréi

April 27th 2011

Mister Nicholson, Hello.Let me write you this email, my name is Jérôme ANDREI. I'm director of coaching actors, and documentary film maker in France. I wrote a screenplay titled " Leading to another" whose action take place during the reign of Queen Victoria. It's romantic movie, and very nice project.My difficulty lies in the fact that my project is 90% English and my French nationality complicate my efforts. This film is similar of your sublime "Firelight". I wish i could move it to you. Is it possible? Jérôme Andréi

William Nicholson responded:

Thanks for your enquiry, and your kind words, but I'm really sorry, I only work on my own written projects. I wish you all the best with your own film.

Posted by Jose Carlos Chamorro Galán

April 19th 2011

Yes, the end of Noman was amazing, but the part who dissapointed me was the end of Echo Kittle, and I would want more to develope this story.

William Nicholson responded:

You could well be right. Maybe one day I'll return to it...

Posted by José Carlos Chamorro

April 16th 2011

I have a doubt: At the ending of Noman; Did Seeker go in the boat with Morning Star, the Wildman and Caressa to explore other countries? I think you maybe write an fourth book, describing the trips of them and the meeting of Echo and them; Why not? And when I ended the book I though you absolutely ought shoot a flilm. BEST WISHES. JC

William Nicholson responded:

Yes, Seeker went too. It's true I could write a fourth book, but I'm working on other books right now, and I think the end as it is takes the story to a pretty grand finale, don't you? A film, yes - if only a film studio would come up with the money to make it.

Posted by Andrew

April 16th 2011

I'm a new fan and particularly want to share my enjoyment of Seeker. I'm off to get the 3rd of the trilogy. I hope someone offers you a movie production on this series. You've done a great job of writing about the aura and how its perception provides information. As a trained healer, this is very much part of my world and I appreciate the way you've delivered it to your reader, making it easy to believe as natural. Andrew

William Nicholson responded:

I hope you enjoy the way the series works out. I put a huge amount of thought into the deeper aspects of the story, and it's exciting for me to think that someone with your particular interests will be following it to the end.