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Posted by David

July 8th 2011

In one of your books I think Jango you used the line your buttocks are the pillows of my dreams? I gave my copy to a friend but was that the book it was in?

William Nicholson responded:

I know I wrote it, but the awful truth is I can't remember in which book. My guess is it was one of the Wind on Fire books; but you may be right. If anyone out there can remember my books better than I can myself, please help.

Posted by Grahame Smith

July 8th 2011

I saw Firelight many years ago in the cinema and it continues to haunt my memory, refreshed by my video copy. Is there any chance that it could appear on DVD or, even better, Blu-ray?

William Nicholson responded:

There are DVDs about, but I'm not sure how. Via Amazon? Sadly it's not mine to control, or I'd issue copies to all who ask. I don't even have a DVD myself. I fear Blu-Ray is a hope too far.

Posted by sonja

June 27th 2011

no question, just want to let you know I have only now 'discovered' you and found The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life beautiful, not since Douglas Kennedy have I found someone who is so clear on human emotion. Thank you sincerely and never stop writing - please.

William Nicholson responded:

I appreciate your comment very deeply - these books of mine are the best I have to give, and it makes a great difference to know they're being received. There's a second, 'All the Hopeful Lovers', now in paperback, and a third coming soon, 'The Golden Hour'. Meanwhile I'm busy on the fourth. I don't expect you to read them all, but your kind words give me the power to keep on.

Posted by Ian Macilwain

June 26th 2011

I have just finished your latest novel ‘All the hopeful lovers’ . I wrote to you in February after reading ‘ The society of Others ‘ and you were kind enough to reply at length, which I really appreciated. As a health service Psychiatrist/psychotherapist for thirty years I would have some claim to understand people ,their motives and foibles . I have however been repeatedly struck by the honesty and simplicity of the portraits you weave . They are three dimensional and real . The men in particular are drawn with an uncanny accuracy in a way which is very rare . Milan Kundera is the only author I find myself comparing with yourself , but his men are quite superficially drawn . My only question pertains to the presentation of your work. I have been struck previously by the titles and presentation of your novels which in my eyes would seem to trivialise the contents . I want to know ,if you feel able to tell me, whether these reflect choices by the publisher or by yourself. If they are publisher inspired I can only suggest you look to one more able to recognise the inspired nature of your writing ,and which does not try to make it look like ‘chick-lit’ which demeans its very considerable literary merit. If the decisions were your own then please accept my apologies and take note of my complimentary comments alone. Congratulations on a wonderful and thought provoking book .

William Nicholson responded:

The titles are mine, but the covers are a source of constant tension between myself and the publisher. Like you, I would far rather a presentation that reflects the contents - which I too see as more literary than chick-literary - but my publisher (who I love) tells me that the only way to reach a wide readership is to connect rapidly with the largest likely public for my kind of books, ie women. I'm so grateful to be published at all, in these hard times for the book trade, that it seems churlish to complain when they do their best to sell me. So you see my dilemma. I live in hope of building up a readership of people like yourself, and of re-issuing the books in due course in a very different dress. I have a third novel coming in October, 'The Golden Hour', and am working on a fourth in the sequence which unlike the others can't be sold as chick-lit. So give me time - and your support. It's heartening and valuable to me.

Posted by Michael Horvich

June 25th 2011

Besides being an an avid reader of many of your books, I am an aspiring writer myself in the area of Memoirs. I currently have completed a manuscript entitled GYROSCOPE: An Alzheimer's Love Story which I am trying to get published. My same-sex life partner of over 35 years was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease approximately eight years ago. While "heavy,” my story is also positive, uplifting, and full of love with the strong message that others involved with this insidious disease are not alone. Also, I have found no other story on the market that deals with GLBTQ issues and Alzheimer's caregiving although the GLBTQ is really secondary to the story. I would love to quote one of your passages in my story and am requesting permissio. The passage spoke to me with such strength and in the context of my story will speak, I know, will do so to others as well. I eagerly await your reply. Fondly, Michael Horvich People never know about other people’s lives. You have to live it to know it. -Shadowlands. (The story of C.S. Lewis) William Nicholson. P. 36 & 98.

William Nicholson responded:

You have my full permission to use whatever passages from Shadowlands you want. Your book sounds extraordinary, and original. All the best with it, and with the reality behind it, with which you continue to live.

Posted by Maja Petrovic

June 22nd 2011

Dear Mr. Nicholson, my name is Maja Petrovic and I work for ZKM, Center for Art and Media, in Karlsruhe, Germany. From July 15th to 17th ZKM is organising a conference called Molecular Esthetics and has invited scientists and artists from all over the world to participate. We would also like to screen Life Story/Race for the Double Helix, as part of the conference. Would it be possible for ZKM to get the screening licence for the film? If yes, where could we get it and what would the licence fee be? ZKM would also like to buy the DVD with the film. Where can it be found? If you don´t have any information concearning my questions, could you please connect me with somebody who might have them? Thank you in advance for your answer. Kind regards, Maja Petrovic

William Nicholson responded:

The rights are held by the BBC, and as far as I know they've never been able to clear all rights for commercial use. I don't believe an official DVD exists. If the screening is for non-profit purposes, I can't see that anyone would object. Based on earlier queries of this kind, you won't find anyone at the BBC who can deal with this, I'm afraid. My suggestion would be, go ahead and show it, but be clear that you're not charging money to those who see it. William Nicholson