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Submitted by visitors to this website

Posted by Eric

May 12th 2011

Hello Mr.Nicholson I have no question but I just wanted to say that I was blown away by your talk at my school and am really enjoying your book and so I suppose I just wanted to say thank you for it properly .

William Nicholson responded:

I'm very glad. Which book is blowing you away?

Posted by steven

May 11th 2011

Hi William, this is not really a question. I'm an author of books for children and teens. My next book is out soon, and I'd like to send you a copy as I really enjoyed 'the secret intensity of everyday life'. Do you have a postal address where I could send 'black painted fingernails'? cheers steven

William Nicholson responded:

Best to send it to me via my publisher, Quercus, and they'll pass it on. Interesting title.

Posted by Gary Severance

May 7th 2011

I was able to select your new novel for a customer review on Amazon Vine. I thouroughly enjoyed it and will post a customer review within the week. Withought giving anything away to future readers, could you tell me how you created your "slash" tension concept of art?

William Nicholson responded:

I suppose it's a parody of a certain kind of contemporary art language. I've been noting for many years the way the texts supplied beside some works have taken over from the works themselves the job of communicating meaning. My 'self-slash-other/private-slash-shared' etc in 'All the Hopeful Lovers' is a mocking example of fake complexity. The glib oppositions obviously end up meaning nothing. I think, by the way, that this pretentiousness is not the fault of contemporary artists, most of whom simply want their works to speak for themselves. It's a product of the art business, which has become a version of the advertising industry.

Posted by Georgie Townsend

May 5th 2011

I was just wondering what your favourite type of writing was and weather you had a favourite book out of what you have written?

William Nicholson responded:

I always like best the book I'm working on now, which is another of my Sussex novels. It's all I can think about.

Posted by Claire Blackwood

May 5th 2011

hey I really enjoy your books and may I ask when your next film is and how do I audition for the next film??

William Nicholson responded:

I'm currently working on the screenplay for Les Miserables, but the director decides on casting, not me.

Posted by Trevor Williamson

May 1st 2011

Can we expect any more Edenfield novels? I thought both "The Intensity..." & "All the Hopeful..." were the best contemporary English novels for a long time. You had things to say that required to be said in both books. Best wishes & here's hoping for more.

William Nicholson responded:

A third novel in the sequence is now with my publisher, and comes out this October. It's called 'The Golden Hour'. I'm quietly engaged on quite an ambitious project here, to map the fears and dreams of one corner of our world. I really appreciate your good words, and hope you think the new book lives up to the other two.