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Posted by Martin Jones

February 12th 2011

I've finished translating all the Manth Script from the Wind on Fire Trilogy, but the following letters are not used: J Q X Z What are the Manth symbols please?

William Nicholson responded:

If you go to the Wind Singer page on this website you'll find the Old Manth translator, which will show you that there is how all the letters translate. J is like a curly L; Q is the same as C followed by a U; X is the C symbol with the tail of an S added; and Z is a D symbol with the tail of an S added.

Posted by saidu

February 11th 2011

Dear Mr.William, I got script that I wish to query you for since you're a produced writer.I have something call HUTU POWER.I write this true event that focuses mainly about two decades of misterminding the Rwandan genocide that eventually came to be in 1994.Will you like to read the first twenty pages?

William Nicholson responded:

I'm a writer. You need to show your script to a producer. I wish you the best with it.

Posted by sammy burke

February 10th 2011

thank you for answering my last question! i'm 11, when i get a job (a while away in the future!!) i really want to be an author, all my teachers say that i'm a great writer, but i also want to be a biologist, do you think i should be an author, biologist or both? what when im at school should i try hard at for the future?

William Nicholson responded:

You can certainly be both. All writers need something to write about - why not biology? After all, it's the science of life. And you never know, as you grow older, you may find other passions too. The great thing about writing is that it uses all of your life experience. So keep writing, whatever else you do.

Posted by Adrian Will

February 9th 2011

Hello, I remember loving the wind of fire trilogy as a kid, but have since lost my books. I keep looking for ways to get ebooks for this story and read it again, is there any way to get them ?

William Nicholson responded:

The usual way. They're all in print. Either get your bookshop to order them, or get them online through Amazon.

Posted by nancy

February 8th 2011

hello. i'm writing you b4 I finish the Trial..that's how fascinated I am with your mind.. your work is making me want to go back to my silly little memoir..thanks for that. so far no question on the book except that I've been googling Paul Marotte..not accepting he' s pure fiction; however, nowthat I've read your bio. do do tell me how you accepted Jesus as a reality as you said you were raised Catholic.. having had a Jewish mother, I would imagine the doubting genes always get inthe way.. though clearly you found a bridge between the two box office religions when you brought CS Lewis together with ..oops, Deborah Winger.. anyway, adore your work and can't wait to wrap my teeth around the next one at my little NYC library.

William Nicholson responded:

I'm afraid you're right about the doubting genes, which have long led me into agnosticism. But at least early exposure to faith has kept my imagination wide open. Do go back to your memoir - maybe it'll turn into a classic.

Posted by Charlotte Meredith

February 7th 2011

Thank you ever so much for responding to my question. I completely agree that the vast majority of children's literature has a darker side and that children are not innocent to it. That is why I chose to compare Rich and Mad with Peter Pan; one is realistic and one is fantastical but both books are about how difficult it is to grow up. It is such a shame that schools/parents/bookshops are being put off Rich and Mad because of the sexual content as it is so much more than that; I think you achieved your aim of hoping to be truthful about the nature of love and your book could really benefit a lot of young readers. Teenagers so often fail to distinguish between love and lust and, as you say, parents are naive to the ubiquitous nature and impact of pornography today. I hope people will come to appreciate Rich and Mad more, and if it is any consolation my lecturer hopes that you are pleased to find that you have been included on a university reading list! If you like i'll send you my essay when I have finished? Thanks again, Charlotte

William Nicholson responded:

I am very honoured to be on a university reading list. Yes, do send the essay when it's done, I'd love to read it. Could you send it to me c/o Egmont, the publisher. The address is in the book.