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Posted by engemi ferreira

February 28th 2011

First a little background (forgive me but its essential) I'm a writer of almost your age. I think we have similar trigger points (or some such) as your books have been fascinating me, or rather - your way of thinking? of writing?Or Both. However, while reading The Trial of True Love, which is so alluring, I sat at a seaboard longtable having some wine and sun and on each side two different conversations went on, which I recorded on the pages of your book (forgive me again, I had no other paper, but also, it had to be there on those pages) The two guys on my left were married but going on about how they still had good times with the local seaside town's many ex girlfriends etc, while on the right a younger girl and guy were whispering about their new love. I suddenly (as these insights always come upon one) knew what I had to do, which was to intersperse these conversations with my story and then also with some of the writing in your book. Chapter 2, actually. It could be so good My quest has been about lost love more than true love and of course love itself - what is it and also how or why do men and women see it so vastly different. I think as far as Women are concerned you really got it nailed in Flora's letter to Bron: "If you want me to be happy then let me go." It comes close to the story of Gawain and the ugly girl whom he had to marry. She was so horrible that he couldn't look her in the face but when he came home at night she was more beautiful than beauty, and she said; you have a choice. I could look like this at night only for you but then you have to bear my ugliness amongst your friends during daytime. Or I could be beautiful when you take me out during the day amongst your friends, and at night you will have to bear with me. So what would you choose. After a long while of looking into her beauty, he said. You must choose yourself. Through the choice you offered me, I have come to love you for yourself. Of course the story ends where she looses the ugliness for ever, because she too fell in love with Gavain. He was the only man who understood her need to be free and her need to be loved as she was . . sa va, in the end, it is love that wins. Dear William, I feel so exposed and arrogant, though I am not. If you regard this as infringement on your work and or privacy, please forgive me and ignore this letter - wipe it of your screen. If however you would be able to grant my wish, it would give me more than joy and I will be honoured. However, the choice is of course, only yours

William Nicholson responded:

I love your Gawain story, also the image of you on your boat making secret notes. By all means use bits of my book for yours - I'd be honoured. And some time in the future you may enjoy another of my books with love as its theme, All the Hopeful Lovers. But your book sounds much more unusual and interesting.

Posted by kmpetrelli

February 24th 2011

It's not a question but after reading your bio...thought you should hear that "Firelight" is not a failure...a favorite movie of movie of mine...I went to a lot of trouble to find it...I needed to own a copy so I could watch it whenever I wanted. You can buy it on and rent it from Netflix. It's still out there...I first saw it on Cable TV and watched it several times and never forgot it! after seeing it again...I finally decided to checkout who wrote it and if they wrote anything else. I am a great reader as well as movie viewer so now I look forward to reading your other works and checking out your other films. I am glad you are happy in all things in your life. Thank you for not giving up...a talent like yours should not be wasted.

William Nicholson responded:

Thanks for the support. I'm lucky to live in an age when films never die. Firelight is even going to be properly screened at a film club near here, in the autumn. So I'm happy to say you're not alone in appreciating my film.

Posted by Charles Maclean

February 24th 2011

Dear Mr Nicholson, Firstly I just want to say how much I admire your work. I do realise this is a long shot but I though no harm in trying. The reason for my email is I’ve written a 100 page film script. From trusted friends I know I can write and but I know I haven’t mastered the craft and it needs a lot of work. The thing is everyone falls absolutely in love with the premise of the script. I am enquiring whether I could send you a 1 page treatment of the script in the hope; A - you say that it could get made if you do x and y to it. B - you say bad premise, non-starter. C - you love the treatment and would love to see the script and/or co-write it with me. If you are at all interested in me sending you the treatment and/or some background about me, please do reply. Kind regards, Charles Maclean

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really sorry, but I can't help you. As you can imagine, if I started providing a reading service for other writers' work I would cease to have time for my own work. You're right to look for an outside eye and mind on your own work - it's extremely helpful - but you're going to have to find someone nearer to you who is willing to put in the time. Don't assume this person has to be a professional. An intelligent movie-lover can be as insightful as a development exec.

Posted by mystery

February 24th 2011

i know this sounds abit strange but what made you have 3 main characters instead of one ?

William Nicholson responded:

Not sure which of my works this refers to - check out this site and you'll see I write a lot of stories. Why three main characters? To make the story richer. To connect with more feelings. To build a more complex plot. One-hero stories are great too, but I love the range of following more than one hero.

Posted by Ru

February 23rd 2011

Well done it won the award, knew all that voting would pay off congrats!!!

William Nicholson responded:

Fantastic! Apparently 3,800 votes were cast over all, probably most of them by you, so I owe you one. I'll be in Coventry on June 15 to join what they call the Celebration Event.

Posted by Jody Pineda

February 22nd 2011

Thank you for your bio. I found it because one of my favorite stories (and films) of all time is your Firelight. I think it is truly brilliant. I'm impressed that it was entirely yours and don't think it was marketed well enough. Have you thought about reissuing it? I live in Seattle, WA, am a 53 year old happily married woman with two soon to be adult children. I have always wanted to write and it is stories like Firelight that will inspire me to get there.

William Nicholson responded:

Alas, I don't have the power to reissue Firelight. It's owned by Hollywood Pictures. and I don't think they have any such plans. Do go ahead and try your own hand at writing.