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May 28th 2011


William Nicholson responded:

No more, I'm afraid. But I'm glad you liked it. Maybe try my other trilogy, The Noble Warriors?

Posted by Liz Thomas

May 25th 2011

You kindly signed a copy of your book Rich and Mad for my daughter Lola at the Charleston Festival last Saturday. Even though she has been revising for A Levels she has read, and finished the book already. So wonderful to see her reading and ENJOYING reading rather than Facebooking in her revision breaks! Thank you.

William Nicholson responded:

I'm so pleased she liked it. My own daughter, who has uni exams, has had to make a self-imposed vow not to look at Facebook until 10pm each day. Clearly it's a sort of drug.

Posted by Sean

May 24th 2011

Hi William, I was just curious how you plot your novels. I find it interesting to see all the various ways that authors, both professional and amateur, go about their planning. Some like to have everything planned out before they even begin the first draft, knowing ever little detail. Others simply go in guns blazing, with no specific direction. How do you go about the planning stage? And do you stick to one way, or do you change planning methods depending on the type of novel? Thank you for your time.

William Nicholson responded:

I always make a plan ahead of writing - not a very detailed one, but I always know what the ending is going to be. As I write, and characters develop, I'm constantly amending the plan. But there's always a plan.

Posted by Rosiee Maguire

May 22nd 2011

hiya! you came to my school recently (Kent College) and gave a really really good talk. Before i just wrote a few things here and there but they weren't very good.. You said to get all your problems, and put them in a book-and that's exactly what i've done. So i just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to write-because i really love it! Rosie :) xxx

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really pleased you've actually done it. Now you'll get addicted. Keep going!

Posted by Ana Kyle

May 17th 2011

Would you accept a complimentary copy of my book "TWO MEN AND ONE PAIR OF SHOES" which I have written on the Lindbergh kidnap story ? I named and proved the true author of the ransom notes? It was not Richard Hauptmann.

William Nicholson responded:

My own involvement with this sad story is so long ago I don't think I'm likely to read further, to be honest. But I'm pleased on behalf of justice itself if you really have proved Hauptmann's innocence. I have no doubt myself, of course, that he was innocent.

Posted by Rashid

May 16th 2011

Rich and Mad has to be the best young adult novel of our times. It is as though there is a life lesson on every page. Was it inspired by real people and events? You explore so many of the current issues our youth face (such as identity deceptions online) like no other author. Please, please write another young adult novel soon!

William Nicholson responded:

The story is made up, but it has elements in it from contemporary events - you may remember the teenager who killed herself when tricked into believing online messages were from the boy she loved. Also, strange though it may seem, I've used memories of my own long-ago teenage years, my loves and fears. And I have teenage children of my own, from whom I learn much. Anyway, I'm very happy that you approve.