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Submitted by visitors to this website

Posted by Daniel Angeles

October 20th 2010

Dear William, I have read most of your novels. I started in 5th grade (11 years ago now) with The Wind Singer and have forever been affected by your work. I recently read "The Retreat From Moscow" as well and was incredibly impressed. Were I not a man, Alice would definitely be one of my dream roles. After being exposed to a large portion of your work, I am curious if you have ever thought of using ideas, themes, and worlds like those in The Wind on Fire Trilogy or Gladiator in your stage plays. Or if you thought it might be the improper medium for such physically demanding stories. I personally think someone could make an incredibly moving piece of theatre with a well-written script of that sort. -Daniel

William Nicholson responded:

No, to be honest I've never dared to attempt a fantasy theme on the stage. It's an interesting idea. At present I'm staying very naturalistic in my stage work. But when you think of His Dark Materials on stage, it's clear that all things are possible. Maybe one day.

Posted by Roger Alford

October 20th 2010

I enjoyed reading your comments in today's Times on your new play Crash. I feel that your historical background omits the responsibility of the Financial Services Authority, which failed utterly in its duty of supervising the banking system. I have two pages from some work I have recently completed which might interest you. I recognise that your play goes far beyond factual questions and into moral ones, but my additional aspects can always be ignored on artistic grounds.

William Nicholson responded:

The play's written now, and in performance, so alas I can't profit from your insights. But I hope you get a chance to see it one day. I'd be interested to know if you still think I've left a gap.

Posted by Jacinta Owens

October 20th 2010

Is Crash touring anywhere else? Any plans to come to Ireland? Thank you.

William Nicholson responded:

Crash has only just opened. At present there are no plans for any other productions. But if it's well received, who knows?

Posted by Anthony

October 18th 2010

Hi Mr Nicholson, Just to let you know our production of "Katherine Howard" has now come to a close. Here in Sydney, Australia our audiences were over the moon on your play so just wanted to thank you for your wonderful play ! I would like to send you some pics if your interested ? I will need an email address. Kind Regards Anthony Stirling-Edgar

William Nicholson responded:

I'd love to see some pictures, but I do guard my private email address. Would it be possible to send them to my agent at

Posted by Hana

October 16th 2010

Dear Mr. Nicholson, I can only imagine what courage and diligence it must take to earnestly write what you know, discover what you do not know, and to pen the sum total and send it into the unknown for all to read. As you have, I want to write -about love and about people - but first I must understand how others outside of myself work. Yet, every time I begin to write, I seem only to be absorbed in expressing myself! When did you transcend your own busy thoughts to be the vessel through which other lives and stories could be told? How do you open yourself to this process? Does rising early help? If possible, I would like to receive a reply without my question or its response being posted on your website. Of course, I accept this is not my decision once I send this out. Thank you for your thoughts. Hana

William Nicholson responded:

I can only reply to you via this site, I'm afraid. But it's a good question. I think the answer is, we all start with ourselves, and in a sense, never leave ourselves. We remain our own best subject. But as you grow older - and it is about age, I think - you learn more about others, their very otherness, simply by being around them and opening yourself to their feelings. I don't think I have ever managed to transcend my own busy thoughts. But I have perhaps let those thoughts busy themselves with curiosity about others. I have to admit I spent the first ten years of my writing life writing, unsuccessfully, about my own failed love affairs. Those works also failed, but all the failures have been enormously valuable in the longer run. We grow, as writers and as people, by trying and failing and reflecting on our failure.

Posted by Tessa

October 15th 2010

Dear William Nicholson, Hi! My name is Tessa, and I am an eighth grader in middle school. I have started a new blog, From The Bookshelf of T.B. It's all about book reviews for young readers, such as myself. I just recently reviewed your book Seeker. I would appreciate it if you could please go on my blog and read my review. I would love any feedback or suggestions that you may have. You can reach my blog at Thank you very much for your support! -Tessa

William Nicholson responded:

Great review. If you ever get the time, do read the two books that follow Seeker. You'll find a whole lot more gets explained.