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Submitted by visitors to this website

Posted by Kisa

September 13th 2010

Hi there. i was just wondering, how long do you spend in preparation for your books? how long do plan plot and character and things before you actually start writing? -Kisa

William Nicholson responded:

I do quite a lot of pre-planning, I would say several weeks. These things grow in the mind if you can spare the time to let them. Usually I know the plot well before I start writing. However, it all changes as I write, so I have to keep on amending the plan.

Posted by A student from the Corsham school

September 10th 2010

What is your best selling book?

William Nicholson responded:

The Wind Singer - not a million seller, but over 600,000 so far.

Posted by jan castillo

September 3rd 2010

hi mr nicholson.. i've read in a response of yours to someone that you have written two whole novels, very bad novels when you were at a younger age. just want to ask, were they really that bad? don't you think they have the chance to get published? what were they about? fantasy? love? what? p.s. still in search of your the society of others

William Nicholson responded:

Yes, my early novels - more than two - were very bad. Not so much badly written as badly conceived, far too pseudo-intellecvtual. I was still under the shadow of a degree course in English Literature. They were mostly about my own failed love affairs. As for your search for The Society of Others, can't you get it from Amazon?

Posted by Carlos Ramirez

August 30th 2010

Date of birth are you married do you have kids do you have any pets have you won any awards any fun facts where were you born please answer back i am doing a book report on your book Slaves of the Mastery.

William Nicholson responded:

Look at the Bio page on this site for details on my life and awards.

Posted by David

August 30th 2010

Thanks for your quick responses - I am obviously a better actor than writer as we are actually the Sydney NSW OZ production opening far to soon William - KH is hitting 2 hemispheres at once I do hope that Crash is a success and that it will be available before the double dip second crash makes life even more untenable - I hope that your if in "if it is a success" is as unjustified as I would believe it to be - yup I am a better actor than writer. Thanks again David

William Nicholson responded:

Sorry for my misunderstanding, and great to think of my play in Australia. Let me know how it goes.

Posted by Deepesh R S

August 26th 2010

how can I post one story to you?

William Nicholson responded:

Mail it to my agent if you really think that's the best way to go. However, please be aware that I don't offer to assess other people's writing, simply because if I did this for everyone I'd have no time left for my own writing. Much better to get it read by someone close to you.