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Posted by Ruksar

April 29th 2010

hi rm nicholson again iwould really like to ask you a important question which is why do some people love reading when other people prefer towatch tv and congratulations on all of your books which have been turn into movies.

William Nicholson responded:

People love reading if they grow up with books, I think. Once you've found the special joy of books you don't go back. But readers watch TV and go to movies too.

Posted by dewey rice

April 28th 2010

whats your next book going to be about

William Nicholson responded:

I have a new novel for adults coming out in September called 'All the Hopeful Lovers', which is a sequel to 'The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life'. If you're asking about my next book for younger readers, I am deep into something, but I don't want to talk about it till it's finished.


April 27th 2010

Dear Bill, I hope you remember me. I worked in the BBC's Religious Department from 1979 as a Researcher under Colin Morris and feel in desperate need for someone I respect to suggest what I should do with my first screenplay which has taken me 5 years to complete and which so far I have not had the confidence to show to anyone. The film story is based on bitter personal experience dating back to my teenage years. I am typing this so apprehensively but am trusting and praying that you might be able to guide me to the next port of call. Enough...... . Best wishes. Fay

William Nicholson responded:

Yes, I remember you well. But I tremble to read your request. Five years is a long time, a big investment, high stakes, in a world as uncertain as screenwriting. I'm the wrong person to approach - I simply can't offer to read other people's screenplays, or I'd never do anything else. You need first to get responses to it from sympathetic people round you, so that you can see it through others' eyes, and make revisions accordingly; then you need to get it to an agent or a production company. While this is happening I strongly urge you to start work on a second screenplay, to take the pressure off while you try to sell the first. Even well-established screenwriters have great difficulty selling their work, so you should base no plans on the outcome. If your work is good, fresh, original, powerful, it will find a home. But be prepared for a long haul.

Posted by Meg Griffith

April 27th 2010

Did you use parallels from your films in some of your books on accident, or purposefully? (I noticed similar themes in Wind on Fire as are in Gladiator)

William Nicholson responded:

By accident. I never think of my other works when I'm writing. However, it all comes out of the same spout, so to speak; so I think it's inevitable. I'm sometimes shocked to see - long after I've done something - how recognisably my usual concerns come creeping in to the oddest places.

Posted by Ian McIntosh

April 25th 2010

Why aren't your books available anywhere in Ebook or Kindle or some kind of digital format? I LOVE the wind on fire trilogy and the Noble Warriors trilogy... I would love for them to end up on my iPad too :)

William Nicholson responded:

I'll look into it.

Posted by Iman Abasi

April 24th 2010

Hi, I want to buy a script writing software, but I can't make up my mind which one to choose between Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter. Would you please help me. Thanks

William Nicholson responded:

I personally use Final Draft. I believe it's more widely used in the industry. But I'm sure either would be fine.