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Posted by k. dess

May 28th 2010

Unfortunately marketing often has a heavy hand in the fate of a work. While the story of your film Firelight seems to dovetail with the renewed interest in the works of Jane Austen, the dialogue is modern and subtle. Maybe a reissue of the DVD presented more creatively would bring it to the attention of a larger audience. It is always a pleasure to encounter work like yours, sorely needed as counterpoint to the bombast of much that we encounter today. Thank You

William Nicholson responded:

I'd love to have a reissue, or even an issue of the DVD - but the matter isn't in my hands. I'm delighted you liked my one and only film as a writer-director.

Posted by Wendy

May 27th 2010

Hi William, I came across you in a most bizarre way - searching for Bramber Lodge, Seaford. I was a pupil in the early 60's and have such fond memories for all the arts and crafts I was taught. How is it I have retained the excitement of those early lessons in creativity to this day I often ask myself? And yet I find in a diary my late mother kept that she thought I had 'too much play' so moved me out. My Question was to ask if you have the name of the lady who ran the school? I doubt she will be alive now at 104, but I am very grateful for the time I had there. As my husband I love H P Lovecraft and the realms of Fantasy we will be checking out your novels straight away. Thanks Wendy

William Nicholson responded:

She was called Mrs Hardy. I'm sure she's dead now. Yes, it was a lovely school, and I'm sure 'too much play' made me the person I am now. Fond memories indeed - I left Bramber Lodge 55 years ago.

Posted by Hattie

May 27th 2010

I saw you at the Hay festival today and saw you talking about Rich and Mad. I was interested and really enjoyed it! I wanderd what made you get the idea of writing a Teen novel when your books are normally fantisy tales? I liked the way you really were interested in what we thought about love and sex. Eaven though I am 12 I do think about it and I was pleased that you were able to write a book about the emotional side of sexual intercorse. Best wishes Hattie

William Nicholson responded:

Thanks for your post - and maybe you'll get a chance to read the book and let me know what you think. It's true my books are normally fantasy stories, but even they have characters in them who are like us, sort of, and have feelings. So I think all I'm doing is moving on into the real world. As for why I've written it: I think someone needs to write a book like this. Don't you?

Posted by Daniel Angeles

May 25th 2010

Dear William, You should start a Twitter so it is easy to follow your life updates. Even if you only update rarely, you fans will always know.

William Nicholson responded:

But how would my fans find my tweets? And wouldn't they get bored if I failed to update daily? I'm willing in principle, but I don't get how it can work.

Posted by Robert Hall, lincolnshire

May 24th 2010

ive read the noble warrior trilogy and i think they are amazing is there any chance you would consider adding another to the sequel?

William Nicholson responded:

I won't say 'never' because life has its own way of making things happen, but it's not part of my plans. The third book NOMAN, has a pretty wham-bang ending, don't you think?

Posted by Ben Sturla

May 18th 2010

Would you ever write another book in the Wind on Fire series? I'd really like it if you did as I've just finished Firesong and I thought it was brilliant!

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really pleased you liked Firesong, but I'm afraid that's the end of that story. You might like my second trilogy, The Noble Warriors.