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Posted by francesca

September 28th 2009

i have chosen you as the author to write about for my english homework and the question i am struggling to answer is why you choose 'fantasy' as the genre for your books?

William Nicholson responded:

Not all my books are fantasy. But the reason I like fantasy is it lets me do anything I want, and in a strange way it allows me to make comments on our real world and its failures in a way that in naturalistic stories would seem out of place.

Posted by Abigael

September 27th 2009

Hello, Im a big big fan of the windsinger books, i find Sisi Very comical, Im fourteen and i live in devon.. I was thinking though.. i know you have made films before, that maybe you could make the windsinger into a film? It would make a brilliant film and i know all my friends would be very interested too :) your justt such a talented writer and i think that it would be the best film like ever!!! Its my faveroute book at the moment and also that of alot of the people i know, including my mother :) PLEASE think about it, because i know it would be a big succsess just as gladiator was.. i am hopeful for your reply soon. Abi :)

William Nicholson responded:

Sadly there's no one wanting to make my books into films, and I can't afford to do it myself. Maybe one day...

Posted by Jacqueline Twamley

September 25th 2009

I have read your novel The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life and I have just been on the web and ordered a couple more as I am coming to the end of my current novel very soon. I loved Secret, I thought Laura was wonderful and she of course made all the right chooses. I love reading novels with plots like yours. You read a few chapters and you dont really know what is going on then it all comes together beautifully. I heard you on the Simon Mayo show on Radio 5 Live when you were on with Peter James who is my favourite author. I also like reading books that are set in Brighton and Sussex because it is were I live. Funnily enough I also have family in Gloucestershire too. I found it quite alarming that you captured the way I think about life and relationships, that was a bit scary, you have an amazing insight into the way people think. I look forward to your new novel. Kind Regards Jacqueline Twamley

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really pleased you like it. Once it makes it to paperback I'm hoping it'll reach a whole lot more people - almost all the first edition hardbacks are now gone.

Posted by Basak

September 23rd 2009

Hello, I had watched Firelight many many years ago on Turkish TV. I have found it back again on youtube. I had the same feeling when I watched it again after so many years: Noone tries to conspire, lie or act on misunderstandings. I have felt this troughout the movie. Did you really have such purpose or was it only the plot that happened to be this way? Thank you for this lovely movie, Kind regards, Basak

William Nicholson responded:

I can only say that everything in the movie comes from me - characters, dialogue, and plot, which I invented. So yes, it's all deliberate. Or perhaps I should say, it all reflects my values. So I feel honoured by your comments. I've just come back from a holiday in Turkey with my family, and we were much struck by the kindness and honesty, the honourableness, of the people we met. So I return the compliment.

Posted by Sya Russell

September 23rd 2009

Hello Bill, not a question, just a hello! I worked with you on Firelight as Sophie's stand-in and a runner. This was the first real job I ever had on film. Watching such a beautiful romantic period piece unfold was a dream come true for me. I thought you would enjoy this email I received from a friend this morning: "I actually had a surprise thought of you sneak up on me last night, as I had just on a whim watched tv last night, which I never do, I watched a movie called Firelight, and enjoyed it very much. I always read thru the credits, a silly habit of mine, and I believe I saw your name go by, but didn't see what you did...what a well-done film. I kept thinking all thru that there must have been quality people working on it, because it was beautiful. And there you were!!!" I am enthralled by your website and all the works your hands have produced over the years! Some I knew about and others I did not...looking forward to going through everything, reading some of your books and there are a few films I haven't seen. Shadowlands is a big favourite of ours. God Bless, Sya

William Nicholson responded:

Hello back to you, after all these years. As you know, Firelight was a failure on release. But I love the way it lives on. So thanks for reminding me of a very happy time.

Posted by chris mylum

September 22nd 2009

hi i am chris mylum from northgate high school. What intrested you to write books

William Nicholson responded:

Check out the FAQs. Sorry to ask this, but I do get so many of the same questions.