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Posted by Jacqueline Twamley

October 2nd 2009

I have just finished the Society of Others. I am struggling with the end and I am not sure what it is all about. I am going to read the end again, because its I dont think I understood it. I hope I havent missed the point completely, I don think so. I have enjoyed it very much.

William Nicholson responded:

Do read the end again, particularly the paragraph beginning 'He enters the room by the far door...' If you still don't get it, try me again.

Posted by emma duncan

October 1st 2009

Not a question, just a massive compliment. The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life was the best novel I can read for as long as I can remember. Heaven. I wandered around for days thinking: "This man is a God! He understands everything!" I have told everybody I know to buy it. Please make me happy by writing more.

William Nicholson responded:

You make me happy with this, believe me. The book is still not very well known, as far as I can tell. Maybe when it gets into paperback next May... As for writing more, I'm close to the end of a successor book, set eight years later, which picks up some of the characters from Secret Intensity, plus some new ones, and tracks their complicated and interlocking love affairs. At present I'm calling it All the Hopeful Lovers, though since neither my agent or my publisher have seen a word, that will probably change. But I'm excited by it - and I think you'd like it.

Posted by Alex

September 29th 2009

Bit of a serious one I'm afraid... What do you think of the Google books situation? Personally, legality issues aside, I spend enough time staring at screens to make reading ebooks unappealing.

William Nicholson responded:

I'm over sixty, I love books. I love everything about them, the smell, the feel, the way I can always remember where on a page I've met some great phrase. I love the way books are all over our house, and I have a visual recall of where they are and what their spines look like. But I'm not going to moan about ebooks. If it works for others, fine.

Posted by Digby Stephenson

September 29th 2009

Dear Mr Nicholson, It's me gain. Our production of "Shadowlands", in Heavenly Henfield, opens but two short weeks away. "Joy" and I continue to find new twists in the plot, and we would appreciate your help again in unravelling one of them. This time it's all about pretence. As we prepare for her to die, on page 49, we agree that "We've never pretended with each other". Shortly afterwards, as we discuss Douglas, it seems that we are "not pretending any more". Is this specifically to prepare Douglas for what is to happen? We'd be very grateful for your take on this. Will you be able to come and watch the play? (Oct 15, 16, 17th) I'll have to ask Warnie, of course. But speaking for myself, I would welcome your company. "Jack"

William Nicholson responded:

I'm not aware that it's about preparing Douglas - it's about how they are to each other, no longer avoiding painful truths. Alas, I don't think I can make it to watch you in action. But I send my very best wishes for you both and for the production.

Posted by francesca

September 28th 2009

i have chosen you as the author to write about for my english homework and the question i am struggling to answer is why you choose 'fantasy' as the genre for your books?

William Nicholson responded:

Not all my books are fantasy. But the reason I like fantasy is it lets me do anything I want, and in a strange way it allows me to make comments on our real world and its failures in a way that in naturalistic stories would seem out of place.

Posted by Abigael

September 27th 2009

Hello, Im a big big fan of the windsinger books, i find Sisi Very comical, Im fourteen and i live in devon.. I was thinking though.. i know you have made films before, that maybe you could make the windsinger into a film? It would make a brilliant film and i know all my friends would be very interested too :) your justt such a talented writer and i think that it would be the best film like ever!!! Its my faveroute book at the moment and also that of alot of the people i know, including my mother :) PLEASE think about it, because i know it would be a big succsess just as gladiator was.. i am hopeful for your reply soon. Abi :)

William Nicholson responded:

Sadly there's no one wanting to make my books into films, and I can't afford to do it myself. Maybe one day...