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Submitted by visitors to this website

Posted by werepup

August 4th 2009

I began writing a horror story for a competition thinking it was for under 16s - but it turns out that anyone of any age can enter. This makes my chances of winning much slimmer. The winning stories will be published in 2010. Should I still try that one or enter another competition for under 16s?

William Nicholson responded:

Send the one story to every competition you can find. Why not?

Posted by Mina Dahabreh

August 3rd 2009

I have a story outline done and I'd be honored if you read it. I very much love reading stories and plays, I, unfortunately do not have the gift of writing a good one. So my question is, do you have the time to read the outline if I sent it?

William Nicholson responded:

I do discourage people to send me their work to read, simply because although of course I have time for one or two, I don't have time for dozens. So sadly I have to say no.

Posted by Daniel

July 31st 2009

Mr. Nicholson, do you ever make trips out to the US for book signings or anything?

William Nicholson responded:

I have done, once; and maybe will again. At present I have no plans.

Posted by Hazel

July 31st 2009

Hey Mr Nicholson! I read your Wind Singer books and thought it was great, and i was wandering if it was going to be made into a film. Will it? So sorry i fyou have been asked this before. From Hazel

William Nicholson responded:

No plans for any films right now. But I live in hope...

Posted by Sahra Kulmiya

July 30th 2009

I have read read nearly every variety of books that you can imagine, and am naturally a fan of many well known titles. But one day i spotted Seeker and decided to get into the book. And i loved it ver very much, and so went to get Jango and Noman. And they were even better so I was very disappointed when you ended it in a trilogy. So, ending my lifestory, can you sart a new story which involves the one an only, and the Nomana? Another a generation maybe? I have never read a book the way you write it.

William Nicholson responded:

I'm so glad you liked my Noble Warriors. My own feeling is that the series is now over - you must admit the ending is pretty total and conclusive. Though I admit there's always a way to go on with any story. It comes down to my own instincts, and right now I'm busy in other directions.

Posted by Eileen Shaw

July 29th 2009

Hello Mr Nicholson. I've just finished reading The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life and I just wanted to say that I loved this book - it is absolutely wonderful, just crammed full of life and energy. That's all really. I think you are a great writer. I don't have a question to ask, I only wanted to state my appreciation and assure you I will be buying all your books and recommending them to my friends. It's great to find a writer with such a deep understanding of the sheer variousness, strangeness of people's inner lives. Thank you.

William Nicholson responded:

Thank you. Please spread the word. There are just so many books around, particularly novels, and I'm afraid my book may never quite reach the point of widespread visibility. I'm now writing a second novel in the same vein, and want very much to be able to do more of this kind of writing.