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Posted by jacqueline twamley

November 5th 2009

Hello, not a question but again prise for the Trial of True Love. A lovely book, once again you have got the human side of the story and I love the way it all comes together at the end. I have still yet to understand the end of The Society of Others but I have taken a break from it and I am going to try again soon. I want to thank you for your books I am really enjoying them and I look forward to Rich and Mad, I have a feeling there will be alot in there that I understand well.

William Nicholson responded:

Good to hear of a reader for The Trial of True Love. Sometimes I get the feeling it's vanished. As for the end of Society of Others: I don't think it's obscure if you read the last page carefully.

Posted by Keith Bridgeman

November 3rd 2009

Some nine years ago I had the privilege of playing Jack (Clive) Lewis in your play Shadowlands. It has had a lasting effect on me. The play taught me more about complex characters and their relationships with each other, events and in Jack's case God. I now live in Horsham and wish to give a short reading of Jack,s opening speech in the play on 21st November. Unfortunately I no longer have my original script and because of ill health cannot journey to Foyle's to get another copy. Could you find it in your heart to send me a copy of Jack's opening speech in the stage play.

William Nicholson responded:

I don't have the facility to send attachments through this site. But you can order a copy of the play by post or online from Samuel French Ltd in London, who publish it.

Posted by Jonathan Greenfield

November 2nd 2009

Hi! It's me again. I just felt like asking my favorite author some more questions. What book will you make next and what will it be about? What you tell me in the book? Can you dedicate it to me? Thanks!

William Nicholson responded:

My next book is called Rich and Mad - there's something about it on this site. It'll be out in April.

Posted by Margaret Gore

October 31st 2009

Dear Mr Nicholson, I have no question but a huge thanks for writing 'Shadowlands', such a beautiful and clever play.I have recently been privileged to play the role of Joy Gresham in the Henfield Theatre Club production-an experience from which I am almost recovered!Over several years I've taken part in a number of productions but none have I found so satisfying and absorbing as this.The more I delved into the character the more I found many lines were quotes or near quotes of the lady herself which made the role even more vivid. I've even continued to read Joy and Jack's works such is my intrigue. I think we managed a fair portrayal and that we were able to do justice to this tender love story that you so carefully crafted. Thanks again( and for the tips you gave Digby Stephenson(Jack) which were a geat help)...'Shadowlands'and Joy have been one of my happiest, rewarding as well as most exhausting experiences on the amateur stage. Best wishes, Margaret Gore

William Nicholson responded:

Your pleasure gives me pleasure. It's wonderful for a writer to have his work still living and affecting people after all these years. So thank you.

Posted by Patricia Richardson

October 30th 2009

I have just directed your play Shadowlands for the Bournemouth Little Theatre Club and we have our final performance tomorrow evening 31 October. I just want to thankyou so much for writing such a rich and wonderful play, and to say how much we all enjoyed working on it and how much our audiences have appreciated it. I have seldom sat in a theatre and felt such an intensity of feeling from the audience and have been overwhelmed by the tributes we have received during the run. I have been very fortunate in having a great cast who have helped me to bring all the characters to life -and a wonderful crew to stage it on our very small stage. The surprising amount of humour has perfectly balanced the heartrending sadness in the play. The message we are left with at the end is also so uplifting - it has helped the many people who have seen the production that have been through or who are going through a similar experience. Again many thanks to you Patricia Richardson

William Nicholson responded:

I'm delighted it's going well. The humour is of course deliberate and vital - without it the pain would be too much. You must have a fine cast to generate such a strong effect - and to have done a fine job yourself. Thank you.

Posted by Jonathan

October 29th 2009

Hi, I'm Jonathan Greenfield. I would like to ask you a few questions for my author study in school. What do you think of when you're writing a new book? What part of a book can you relate to your life? What do you think of each of the characters personalities in the Wind on Fire Trilogy?

William Nicholson responded:

Not easy questions to answer. When I start a new book I think about the big emotion at the centre of the book, and about the main characters and what it is they want. This will be what drives the story. As I write, every single part of the book relates to my life. That may sound odd when you think I write fantasy stories, but really they're all about the longings and dramas of real (sort of) people. I can't list my thoughts on all my characters, it would go on for too long. For as long as the books, actually. Everything I think about them is there.