Seeker (Noble Warriors)

On the rocky island of Anacrea, in a garden at the heart of the great castle-monastery called the Nom, lives the All and Only, the god who made all things, protected by an elite band of fighter monks. These are the Nomana, also known as the Noble Warriors. Seeker, who lives on Anacrea, has just turned sixteen, old enough to follow his brother Blaze into the ranks of the Nomana. The only problem is, his father wants him to be a teacher like himself. Far away, in the foothills of the mountains, Morning Star, also just sixteen, is trying to find a way to tell her beloved father that she wants to leave him, to join the Nomana. Morning Star has a unique skill – she can see people’s auras, the faint colours around their bodies that reveal what they’re feeling. She knows how much her father loves her, but all her life she has longed for the day she can enter the Nom, and come close to the Garden where the creator of all things lives. Many miles to the north, a beautiful golden-haired river bandit called the Wildman is raiding a defenceless village when he comes face to face with two of the Nomana, and finds himself helpless before their power. Overwhelmed and awed, from this moment on he too wants to be a Noble Warrior.Three very different heroes, brought together by a shared dream: to be chosen to enter the Nom, to be trained in the remarkable powers of the Noble Warriors, and to learn the mysteries of the god who lives in the Garden.

But these are dangerous times. Secret enemies have sworn to destroy Anacrea. In the imperial city of Radiance, a city ruled by priests where human sacrifices are thrown to their death every evening, the plans to attack the Nom are far advanced. Seeker, Morning Star and the Wildman become caught up in the race to save the god of the Nomana from destruction, and find that they may have to pay with their own lives.

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