The Golden Hour

Maggie and Andrew are lovers who live apart – Maggie in the country, Andrew in London. When Andrew is offered a job close to Maggie, moving in with her is the next obvious step. Or is it? Moving in together leads to marriage. Is this the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with?

Maggie panics. Andrew is devastated. But when he turns the tables on her, Maggie begins to see him rather differently.

Meanwhile Maggie’s Sussex neighbours are living through their own intense dilemmas. Henry’s midlife crisis is exacerbated by a plague of rabbits in his garden, but hiring petty criminal Terry to extend the fencing turns out rather badly. Henry’s wife Laura is secretly adored by her brother in law, Roddy. He hovers in the wings for the moment to declare himself; while screenwriter Alan’s efforts to convert a Grade II listed outbuilding to a workspace are thwarted by a maddening local planning officer – Maggie.

The stories of these and other characters entwine in a continuous dance over seven golden days of high summer. It is a human kaleidoscope that perfectly captures how familiar yet strange, passionate yet mundane, painful yet comic our everyday lives can be.