The Trial of True Love

Do people really fall in love at first sight? Bron is a writer who has been commissioned to research a book on the subject. He’s also a commitment-phobe who doesn’t believe it happens.
Then the chance combination of a misty morning, a woodland glade, and a glimpse of a beautiful stranger changes everything. Bron falls helplessly, hopelessly head over heels in love – at first sight. He abandons his research and pursues the enigmatic Flora to win her heart. But each time he comes close to her, she slips out of reach again. Bron’s pursuit of love leads him ever deeper into a maze where nothing is as it seems, until he finds himself having to defend the truth of his feelings in a ‘trial of love’.

In this gripping searching novel of ideas, art and literature, William Nicholson weaves an intricate tale of suspense as he explores what it is men and women really want from each other.