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Twitter woes Monday, April 21, 2014

I now have a Twitter account but it’s not going very well. My difficulty is that anything I want to say seems to require more than the allowed space, so since signing up I’ve produced only three or four tweets. But now I have another problem. Recently I’ve been notified of two cheering tweets that speak well of past books of mine – one of my philosophical fantasy adventure ‘The Society of Others’, the other of my teen love story ‘Rich and Mad’. Neither of them seem to me to be much read these days, so I was delighted. But Read More

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Posted by Maxine Wells

April 15th 2014

Dear William, I wondered if you could pass on a few words of wisdom. I have the fire in my belly, and the will to succeed in writing, but I struggle to find a storyline. Could you tell me from where you get your inspiration and ideas for a new book please? Best wishes, Max

William Nicholson responded:

It's hard for everyone, so don't be surprised it doesn't come easily. Sometimes you just have to wait. While you're waiting you can play around with story ideas and see if they grow in your mind. Stories don't usually appear fully formed, they start as seeds and put down roots and send out shoots and branches. If all this fails, look to real life. Take a story of something that's happened to yourself, or someone you know, or someone you've just read about. That can provide a frame. Then you hang all your own imaginative stuff on that frame.

Posted by Arianne Marie Cerilla

April 14th 2014

Hi, Mr. Nicholson. I love The Wind on Fire Series. I read it in 2010 when a classmate of mine lent it to me. Now, after four years, I bought my own copies and am starting it again. Are there any plans for a movie? This will truly make a great film.

William Nicholson responded:

No signs of anyone wanting to make a film at present, I'm afraid. But I'm delighted you like the books.

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