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The Lovers of Amherst Monday, March 2, 2015

My new novel, The Lovers of Amherst, is now out (published as Amherst in the US). It’s in some ways my love letter to the poet Emily Dickinson, who I first encountered over forty years ago. Her poems shock and thrill me as much today as they did then. She herself is so unfathomable that I’ve been shy of writing about her, though over the years I’ve accumulated a great deal of knowledge about her, as well as a first edition of her poems, published in 1890. Then when Polly Longhurst published her edited edition of the letters and diaries Read More

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Posted by Katy

February 18th 2015

Hi! I think I must have been 12-14 when I read the Wind of Fire and Noble Warriors trilogies ( I remember literally jumping for joy when Noman had been released and I came across it in the book shop^^). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, those books are very special to me and I still think about them often, the kind of ideas you wrote about have definitely stuck with me. In particular, the scene when Seeker finally goes to the garden and what he sees there, that kind of blew my mind in the best way. I look forward to another 10 years of being their company^^

William Nicholson responded:

You remind me of the extreme excitement I felt while writing that crucial scene, indeed, the whole of the Noble Warriors. My mind was on fire as I was writing. Thank you for bringing it back to me.

Posted by Emily Simpson

February 13th 2015

Hello, I am an English teacher at a school in a deprived area of Coventry and have recently been reading and studying The Wind Singer alongside my Year 7 students; I put it forward as an option after enjoying it so much myself as a young person and it has been an absolute hit. We have spent a lot of time discussing what it means to stand up for and fight against the problems and challenges we face in every day life and, most recently, one student described the book as 'helping me know that it's okay to be angry, upset or confused - it's actually a power which can be used for positive change in my world.' I guess it's not a question that I have, I just wanted you to know what an inspiration this book has been to a group of kids who have so much going on in their lives - and what a pleasure it has been to teach it.

William Nicholson responded:

You've made my day. Somehow I've assumed that the generation that read The Wind Singer - my own children's generation - has now grown up, and it's no longer known. So it's such a delight to hear what you tell me. Makes me feel proud.

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