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Joy ambush Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here’s a puzzle: from time to time¬†I catch some unexpected piece of music on the radio and find myself flooded with joy; I then go out and buy the CD and play it at my leisure, but the the experience isn’t the same. Somehow it’s just less magical. It’s as if as soon as I have it at my command, its value diminishes. Is this yet another instance of that cruel rule that declares we only long for what is out of reach? Or is it more to do with coming upon the moment unprepared, unexpectant, innocent? In our car Read More

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Posted by Isabelle Myhill

September 19th 2014

Dear Mr. Nicholson, In 1981 you produced a documentary for the 'Everyman' series, entitled 'The Dervish Way'. I was a member of the Sufi group which was the subject of that programme and I would like to have a copy of the documentary. Can you help? Regards. Isabelle Myhill

William Nicholson responded:

I wish I could. The Everyman series of documentaries belongs to the BBC, and as things are they've never made them - or most of the amazing work of past television - available. I don't have copies myself. There is talk of the BBC opening up their archive. Until that day comes I think your only hope is finding someone who made a recording; though not many had video recorders back then.

Posted by Chris Bradford

September 17th 2014

Dear William and Virginia, It was a real pleasure meeting you both last night. As I mentioned The Wind Singer was one of the books I read (and truly enjoyed) in preparation to write my own young adult series, Young Samurai. It was very interesting to hear your gems of knowledge on novelwriting and screenwriting. Very helpful as I continue to seek opportunities for both Young Samurai and Bodyguard in the film and TV worlds. (A TV series based on Young Samurai twice reached the higher echelons of Peter Fincham at ITV, so I have hope). I do hope our paths cross again soon. All the best, Chris Bradford

William Nicholson responded:

A pleasure to meet you too. All the best with your own projects. While they wait to be turned into TV or film at least it means your readers can imagine them each in their own way.

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