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Chasing rainbows Sunday, March 29, 2015

The novel I’m currently working on has as one of its themes the point in life when a person senses that they have passed their peak: their high point of strength, beauty, power and respect from others. The best is in the past, and ahead lies only a long decline. Because I’m pursuing such thoughts I pick up passing references to the theme, and I have a memory of an article recently read (I can’t track it down) that illuminates it. The subject of the article was a poet who, having reached the age of 70 without becoming famous, wins the Pulitzer Read More

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Posted by Mark McDevitt

April 22nd 2015

Dear Mr. Nicholson, As a fan of your film work, I wonder if it might be possible to read the screenplay of your wonderful "Shadowlands" movie (The Attenborough one)? Any version of it would be great. I have searched online but so far only came up with a transcript. As both a student and practitioner of the craft, I would love to know how the movie looked on the page. This would be for my own educational / enjoyment purposes only. With thanks,

William Nicholson responded:

I'm afraid it's so long ago - 1993 - that I can't open the file on my computer. I've tried, but it tells me that version of Word is no longer supported. I expect a pro could sort this out for me with a digital crowbar, but on my own I can't do it. Microsoft have no commitment to history.

Posted by Miles Wisbey

April 17th 2015

Dear Mr Nicholson I have received the last 2 books in the trilogy you gave to my dad for me. I want to thank you very much for them as I am enjoying the first book so very much looking forward to reading them next. Miles Wisbey

William Nicholson responded:

I really hope you enjoy them - but if you get bored, just stop. No reading is compulsory. It's either fun or it's dead.

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